Recruit in deep end

16:00, Mar 17 2014
Brooke Chambers
MEMORABLE DRIVE: Brooke Chambers, 19, was out on a ride-along with Senior Sergeant Ian Brenchley when he was called on to save a life.

Saving the life of a critically injured man has made Brooke Chambers even more determined to become a cop - now he's also been honoured for his efforts.

The 19-year-old applied to join the police back in September but hadn't even begun his training when he was thrust into an emergency situation.

He was on an informal ride-along with Senior Sergeant Ian Brenchley on the night of December 14-15 last year when a young man was stabbed on Alfriston Rd in Manurewa.

The pair were the first to reach the scene and Mr Chambers sprang into action, applying pressure to a deep wound on the man's neck.

"His friends were doing their best to hold him still. He was losing consciousness," he says.

The incident opened his eyes to the reality of policing.


"It's not just showing up and sorting it out, it's actually dealing with lives and dealing with people face to face.

"It wasn't just the guy on the ground, it was everyone around him as well."

Mr Chambers was able to stem the flow of blood and keep the man alive until emergency services arrived.

His actions also meant other police were free to track the offender, resulting in a swift arrest, Mr Brenchley says.

The wounded man was taken to hospital in critical condition and underwent emergency surgery. He later recovered.

Mr Chambers says the experience was a bit of a shock but it ultimately steeled his resolve to complete his training and put his skills to good use.

"I definitely quietened out and took my time to take it in. But afterwards hearing he survived, it pushed me more to want to become a police officer."

Counties Manukau area commander Inspector Julia Lynch presented Mr Chambers with a certificate of appreciation at a police awards ceremony in Manurewa. His "noteworthy conduct" is to be commended, she says.

Sergeant Kyle Davie, who found and arrested the offender, and Mr Brenchley were also recognised at the ceremony.

Police officers also received awards for their work on the case of murdered woman Rae Portman, a shoplifting near Auckland International Airport that saw a police officer's legs run over and the BNZ Manukau robbery where a fake bomb was planted.

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