Bank 'bomber' took taxi to scene of crime

16:00, Mar 27 2014

A man who staged an elaborate bomb hoax in a bid to rob a bank has been jailed for six years and three months.

In the Manukau District Court on Wednesday Judge Charles Blackie heard the man had an extensive record of major crime including nine counts of violent and aggravated robbery.

Charles Mackintosh Mackay, 47, of Tuakau, robbed the Manukau BNZ of $150 on February 7.

He demanded the cash and then left what he said was an explosive device on the counter. It was later found to be harmless.

Mackay pleaded guilty on arrest.

Judge Blackie told the court Mackay started his record in the youth court in 1982 and had notched up eight pages of offences including threatening to kill, assaults, robbery, forgery and drug offending.


The court was told Mackay had come out of jail for another robbery and had been in a pre-release job, which he lost. He then decided to rob a bank.

He disguised himself with a wig and a false tattoo on one hand and even taped his fingers so he wouldn't leave any prints.

He then called a taxi from his home and went to the bank, telling the driver to wait for him as he went inside.

He asked to see a bank employee about sending money to Tonga and then produced his elaborate bomb hoax. It was a plastic box with batteries, a timer and wiring.

Mackay told the staff he wanted $200,000 and if he did not get it he would blow up the bomb.

A small amount of cash was handed over and he left the bank in the taxi.

He was recorded on the taxi video camera and police found him later at home.

Judge Blackie said the victim impact statements from the bank manager and staff member made disturbing reading and they had been left psychologically injured.

- Fairfax NZ News

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