Flying pig is no porky

17:00, Apr 18 2014
Bruce the pig
THUNDER ROAD: Bruce the pig got his name from the Bruce Springsteen fans who rescued him from the northern motorway.

Pigs really do fly - little Bruce has proved that.

Now he's hoping for another miracle: A home of his own.

Bruce came to SPCA Auckland last month after nearly meeting an untimely end on the city's northern motorway.

He was catapulted off a truck and landed with "a few bounces" on the side of the road, SPCA spokeswoman Rona Booth says.

Luckily the vehicle was being followed by some big-hearted rockers on their way to a Bruce Springsteen concert.

"They literally said they saw a pig fly off the back of a truck," Booth says.


The Captain Cook piglet was whisked off to the an after hours veterinary clinic where he was found to have escaped his ordeal with a few scrapes.

He was transferred to SPCA Auckland's Animal Village the next day and has been there ever since.

Bruce's story has been getting lots of attention on the SPCA's Facebook page but no-one has yet come forward to take him home.

Booth says the pig will need a paddock area to graze in with shelter from the cold and shade from the sun.

Pigs can't sweat so he will also need a mud pool to prevent him over-heating.

Bruce is very sociable and tries to play with the SPCA's roosters, "much to their dismay", Booth says.

"He really needs another pig his age to play with and grow up with.

"Pigs love company and the more fun they have, the better behaved they will be."

The little pig is about three or four months old and is already toilet trained.

"He loves to play soccer and will easily pick up on other tricks and commands.

"He is going to grow quite large so he will need a family who can teach him rules while he is young so he won't be a problem when he gets bigger, Booth says. 

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