Duchess' looks win - by a nose

23:42, Feb 05 2013
Kate Middleton
Demand for Kate Middleton-style nose jobs reportedly trebled in the UK last year.
Kate Middleton
Robert Pattinson’s jaw and chin was a popular choice among men.
Kate Middleton
Men also wanted Jude Law's nose.
Kate Middleton
Zac Efron’s eyes and hair were in hot demand.
Kate Middleton
Ryan Gosling's lips also made the cut.
Cheryl Cole's dimpled cheeks were also rating well among people wanting plastic surgery.
Also popular: Myleene Klass' chin.

Apparently marrying a prince is not the only thing women envy about Kate Middleton – they also want her nose.

According to The Daily Mail, figures released by the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group showed the number of women going under the knife to look like the Duchess of Cambridge trebled last year. 

A spokesman from the company told The Mail Kate’s nose had been a popular choice because “people are choosing celebrities who are sophisticated and naturally beautiful”.

The spokesman said requests for specific celebrity body parts have been on the rise, with many women asking for singer Cheryl Cole’s dimpled cheeks and TV personality Myleene Klass’s chin.

But women are not the only ones shaping their faces in the likeness of celebrities, with males also getting surgery to look like male actors.

At the top of the plastic surgery wish-list for men was Twilight actor Robert Pattinson’s jaw and chin.

Zac Efron’s eyes and hair was another hot pick, as well as Jude Law’s nose, and Ryan Gosling’s lips.