Video: Wahlberg told 'behave' on Graham Norton

19:45, Feb 10 2013
MARKY MARK'S BACK: The 41-year-old actor has stunned TV viewers with a boozy interview.

Mark Wahlberg appeared to be drunk during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show this Friday.

"Why would you ask people to drink alcohol and come on a show in the evening?" was one of the first things Wahlberg said to Irish host Graham Norton while sipping red wine. "What's going on here. It's a recipe for disaster," he added.

"I don't know what chateau that red wine came from," Norton later said to Wahlberg. "But my god..." 

The 41-year-old actor was on the show to promote new movie Broken City, but his antics and the way he slouched on the couch were what attracted the most attention - with Graham Norton having to tell him to "behave".

The oddest moments included Wahlberg climbing on to Norton's lap, flirting with fellow guest Sarah Silverman and saying that he'd "napped for six or seven minutes" in the middle of the show. 

A spokesperson for the show, which was filmed in London told WENN, ‘‘There was no aggression. Everyone saw the funny side.’’

"Few people in the world know how funny, the funny side of, my lil' bro @mark_wahlberg actually is. Until tonight perhaps. He's a cheeky one," tweeted Wahlberg's brother and former New Kids On The Block band member Donnie Wahlberg after the show aired.