Millionaires are made in Kumeu

17:00, Jun 11 2014
Darsh Patel and Ashika Patel and manager Warren Mitchell
LUCKY STORE: Owners Darsh Patel and Ashika Patel and manager Warren Mitchell at Kumeu Four Square which sold the winning Powerball ticket worth $12.75 million.

An Auckland couple is $13.2 million better off after buying a Lotto Powerball ticket from Kumeu Four Square while passing through.

The winners, who want to remain anonymous, want to buy their own home and perhaps a holiday house where family can stay.

The unidentified couple were unaware of their big win until a friend called around and said a winning ticket was sold in Kumeu.

"But even then I didn't really think much of it. Later, as we were about to pop out for lunch, I thought, ‘well, I may as well check our ticket," the winner says.

"Of course my husband thought I was having him on.

"I said to the lady at the Lotto store ‘I think we're the big winners'.


"She put the ticket through the machine and said ‘yes you are' - that's when I went weak at the knees.

"And for some reason I started laughing and couldn't stop.

"It was such a great feeling."

They wasted no time telling their children.

"My daughter started screaming and laughing and shouting ‘Mum's a millionaire'," the winner says.

They are celebrating not just for themselves, but also for their children and other family members they'll be able to share the prize with.

"We want to help our family and our kids - it feels so good to be in a position to be able to do that.

"We want to buy our own house - somewhere we can call home.

"And maybe a holiday house, somewhere where all the kids and grandkids can hang out whenever they want," the mum says.

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