Emergency workers' free feed

17:00, Jul 02 2014
Kohlen Naidoo
HELPING HELPERS: Kumeu baker Kohlen Naidoo is donating his baking to nor-west ambulance officers.

Paramedics who leave their hot dinners to save lives are getting a helping hand.

A Kumeu bakery has come to their rescue by donating its delicacies to ambulance officers from the Whenuapai and western stations.

Kohlen's Kitchen is giving baked goods and breads daily to the grateful emergency workers whose meals are often interrupted when the siren sounds.

"It's fantastic to have someone caring for the carers," Rodney St John Northern Region manager Megan Fairley says.

The demand for ambulances has grown in the past few years and officers work really hard, she says.

A former paying customer is now one of the recipients.


A nor-west ambulance officer and his partner who was suffering from cancer were regulars in the bakery and became good friends with the owner, Fairley says.

Their camaraderie led to the arrangement.

"We're always leaving half finished meals but the staff know that's the nature of the beast," Fairley says.

"Now when their meal is disintegrated after being left on the table for three hours they have this beautiful baked stuff waiting for them," Fairley says.

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