Rider pinned by horse

17:00, Jul 02 2014
rescue helicopter
MERCY DASH: The Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter prepares to fly an injured woman to Auckland City Hospital after a horse rolled on her.

A horse rolled on its rider, splaying her legs and pinning her to the ground in South Head on Sunday.

The woman in her 50s sustained pelvic and abdominal injuries during an annual hunt off a farm west of Wilson Rd.

The mount fell after it was spooked about noon.

injured woman
HELPING HANDS: Emergency crews tend to an injured woman after a horse rolled on her.

"The horse reared up and kept going over backwards and right over the top of the patient," Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust intensive care flight paramedic Marcel Driessen says.

"As the horse came down on top of the lady she would have done this super big split upside down.

"She was crushed under the horse for a short time and left lying in the paddock."


The woman was lucky the ground beneath her was soft and yielding, he says.

"If it was hard ground or concrete that would probably have been the end of her."

Driessen and an emergency specialist from Auckland Hospital flew to the woman's aid and landed 50 metres away.

A St John ambulance officer from Helensville and a volunteer firefighter from Shelly Beach drove as far as they could along a farm track before having to walk half a kilometre to the remote accident site.

The patient was given pain relief and an ultra-sound to identify the cause of chest pain. She was placed on a scoop stretcher which is used for tricky extractions. and carried to the helicopter. "The three of us carried her over 50 metres, around and over fences and up a slight hill to where the helicopter was," Driessen says. The woman was flown to hospital in a serious but stable condition.

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