Backyard grapevines will flow into your own wine cup

Master winemaker Nick Nobilo is starting an Urban Winemakers Club for aspiring viticulturists.
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Master winemaker Nick Nobilo is starting an Urban Winemakers Club for aspiring viticulturists.

Oh fill your cup with wine made from your backyard bounty of grapes.

A new Urban Winemakers Club is starting for aspiring viticulturists around the Auckland region to turn their crop into their own personalised label.

The new concept is the brainchild of Nick Nobilo, regarded as a pioneer of the modern New Zealand wine industry. 

"Wine making is my passion and I enjoy people who are interested in it and want to learn more," the born-and-bred nor-west resident says. 

Inspiration comes from wanting to give back his knowledge and experience after his 54th vintage.

"I've been making wine for that long and I'm still learning. I thought it's about time people engaged in growing their own few vines. Once they do that they'll appreciate what goes into it and the quality."

Gardeners and those who have enough backyard room to plant vines will have Chardonnay grafted vines delivered with instructions.

In a cooking show style, Nobilo presents videos at different stages of vine tending and nurturing until harvest with the ultimate goal of personalised wines.

He says the popular Chardonnay grape is used as it's easy to grow and suits most soil.

Groups, family and friends who are club members can learn how to grow grapes together and share their inaugural vintage.

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"...And with a first vintage to your name and the tips and knowledge you'll gain...who knows what the next year's harvest will bring?" Nobilo says. 

This year Nobilo was awarded the ONZM for services to the wine industry. 

"Each new vintage is like a newborn baby. Hand crafted wines have their own personality."

During his award-winning wine industry career, he has belonged to different wine clubs.

Nobilo feels sometimes people buy a supermarket wine and don't understand what they're getting.

"It's knowing what the value is. Different wines about the same price can be better than others."

Nobilo now spends half his time in Kumeu and the rest at his Gisborne winery Vinoptima. 

He hails from a pioneering winemaking family where the Huapai homestead in Station Rd provided the base for Nobilo Wines, where he was at the helm.

Go to to watch a video from Nick Nobilo explaining his innovative idea. 


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