Silly season nearly upon us

21:51, Nov 25 2012

Christmas is almost here and like many households we are busy getting jobs done before the silly season arrives and all sense and sensibility is abandoned completely.

This week we thought we should have a look at some of best Xmas tips received from previous years in the hope that they will inspire creative ways to take the cost out of Christmas but leave the fun.

°          Photos with a message printed across them, from digital machines.

°          Photo frame, bought or home made.

°          Plants grown from seed or cuttings.

°          Home made biscuits, cakes, drinks, etc


°          Personalised pens made by printing names (or something more imaginative), on stickers in a small font. Also make a pen holder to go with them.

°          Glue give away fridge magnets to the back of a small notepad, maybe attach a photo or calendar to the top to personalise it. You now have a handy shopping list to keep on the fridge.

°          A family favourite is chocolate. Look for a mould that has about a dozen deep individual shapes. Slowly melt chocolate in the microwave to coat the sides of the shapes. When they have set fill with a cold gnache, made by heating 100mls of cream and dissolving 100grms of chocolate into it. This can then be flavoured with peanut butter, liqueurs or honey.

°          Kids love to get a plastic glass full of lollies or lolly kebabs."

Do you have a favourite money-saving Christmas tip that you would like to share with others? If so, please send it to us at or write to Living off the Smell of an Oily Rag, PO Box 984, Whangarei.

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