Surge in frustration

20:39, Jul 24 2013
Roy Mason
FED UP: Roy Mason is slamming the state of power poles in his neighbourhood, including this one in Oaia Rd.

Three strikes Vector - and you're out.

That's the word from frustrated Muriwai resident Roy Mason who's home has been hit by three power surges since 2007.

Mr Mason's microwave oven and solar unit were destroyed in the latest incident.

Roy Mason
RILED RESIDENT: Roy Mason claims this power pole is dangerous and fears it could topple in a storm.

"I'm sick of this," he says. "I'm in the position of just waiting for it to happen again."

The 64-year-old has lived at Oaia Rd for 40 years and believes power poles in the area are not maintained well enough.

His troubles started in 2007 when his house was among nine to be hit by high voltage surges.


"I was furious," he says.

"I lost my stereo gear, television, microwave; all kinds of stuff got fried.

"They're charging us for a system which is not supplying me as a consumer.

"Vector is just fixing what breaks when it breaks and our insurance is sorting it out."


Vector power company spokeswoman Sandy Hodge says the organisation is aware of outages affecting supply in the area and inspects power poles once a year.

She says the last fault affecting Mr Mason's home was caused by  a corroded neutral jumper which resulted in low voltage on the premises.

She says the kind of corrosion responsible for the problem  is not always visible on inspection.

''Unfortunately no lines company in the world can guarantee an uninterrupted power supply and there will always be events outside of Vector's control impacting on supply,'' she  says.         

Ms Hodge says the area is also prone to problems caused by trees coming into contact with lines, high winds and birds. Two faults this years were caused by vehicles colliding with power poles.

Ms Hodge says Vector last inspected the poles in October and November last year. She says any  issues identified during the exercise have  been dealt with.

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