War veterans mark Korean Armistice

17:00, Jul 24 2013
NRN Vets
UNFORGETTABLE: Korean War veterans fly out from the Whenuapai airbase to mark the 60th anniversary of the Armistice commemorations.

A contingent of 30 New Zealand veterans left Whenuapai on Tuesday to join the Korean War Armistice commemorations.

They flew out to mark the 60th anniversary of the armistice.

New Zealand answered the first United Nations call for help in Korea on June 29, 1950, and kept a significant presence there until 1957.

New Zealand gunners played a vital role in Korea, including the Battle of Kapyong in April, 1951.

The gunners helped the 3 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment to stop a Chinese advance.

The Royal New Zealand Navy also played a major role in the war.


The ships Tutira, Pukaki, Rotoiti, Hawa, Taupo and Kaniere transported supplies from Japan to South Korea and protected South Korean-held islands.

During the seven years of New Zealand's involvement in Korea, about 4700 personnel served in Kayforce and another 1300 served on RNZN frigates.

Forty-five men lost their lives and 79 were wounded.

One member of Kayforce was taken prisoner and held in North Korea for 18 months before being released.

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