Artist celebrates heroism and poetry

17:00, Jul 24 2013
Jewish Artist
DEEP MESSAGE: Lilach Cohen’s art work describes a poem written by her childhood World War II heroine Hannah Szenes.

Jewish artist Lilach Cohen is among fellow exhibitors sharing their cultural backgrounds at the Helensville Art Centre's Interwoven Worlds display.

It is the first time Lilach has exhibited since college days.

The graphic designer and artist came to New Zealand in 2003 and studied at Whitecliff college of Art and Design.

The exhibition is on until July 28 and explores the cultural diversity within the Helensville district through art, icon, photography, costume and sculpture.

One of Lilach's pieces May It Never End describes a poem written by her childhood heroine Hannah Szenes.

She was one of 37 Jews from Palestine parachuted by the British Army into Yugoslavia during World War II to help rescue Hungarian Jews about to be deported to the German death camp at Auschwitz.


Hannah was captured, cruelly interrogated and executed after only revealing her name and refusing to tell her true mission.

Lilach says after her son was born, her family decided to leave Israel as it wasn't safe anymore.

"Like Szenes, I've learned to love another place. I used mixed media and live objects such as sand, drift wood and shells to portray God's amazing creation. I extended the fabric beyond the canvases in order to show the endlessness of the sea."

A DVD of Lilach painting her piece whilst singing a prayer in Hebrew is playing in the gallery.

The Karaka St gallery is a working art space and often has friendly classes running weekdays.

It is open Saturday and Sunday, 11am-3pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 2pm-4.30pm and Friday 10am-2pm.

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