Table tennis slab put out of action

16:00, Jan 08 2014
Table Tennis Table
TABLE'S TURNED: The concrete table tennis slab at Waimauku School is unusable because of damage by vandals

A favourite piece of sports equipment at Waimauku School has been the target of vandals.

The popular concrete table tennis slab has been tipped over and smashed.

The same vandals are also thought to be responsible for other damage.

The school's large rubbish bins and wheel were wheeled out on to busy Muriwai Rd and left in the middle of the street.

School principal Gary Pasfield says it was lucky there was no car accident to deal with too.

"The table weighed one tonne, so there would have been several people involved in this.


"It won't have been kids - we're talking about young adults here."

Mr Pasfield has appealed for people to keep an eye out over the festive season.

"Our school does become a target for vandals.

"I ask that people support our school and community by reporting any suspicious activity in school grounds to the police."

The cost of replacing the table will be about $700, and the school hopes someone may rebuild it.

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