Capturing the world in pictures

16:00, Jan 22 2014
EXPLORING BEAUTY: Kumeu Photography Group founder Kirsten Reid with her photo and fabric collage piece called In the Garden of Beth at the Kumeu Arts Centre.

Working in countries enduring conflict, poverty and natural disasters has been rewarding and challenging for Kirsten Reid.

But she finds solace in photography "reminding myself how beautiful the world is".

The keen photographer and student artist has her first-time exhibition with the Kumeu Photography Group at the Kumeu Arts Centre until February 8.

She has been exploring abstract photography and the relationship between nature, design and the visual arts and has a passion for capturing landscapes, nature, textures and patterns.

Kirsten moved to Muriwai about 17 years ago, but much of it has been spent working overseas for the Save the Children emergency response team, along with travelling.

Countries she has seen in times of natural disaster and conflict include south-east Europe, Kashmir, Libya and Indonesia.


"There's an appreciation for the beauty of our environment and how fortunate for us as Kiwis to live where we are."

She has also travelled to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Java, Peru and the Galapagos Islands.

Settling back into the quiet life of Muriwai, she says it is the perfect place to follow her interests in nature, wine tasting, photography and acrylic painting.

"Photography is what calms me and gets my heart racing at the same time," she says.

Kirsten has just formed the Kumeu Photography Group at the arts centre for sharing experiences, knowledge and friendship.

Contact Kirsten at for more information on the exhibition or Kumeu Photography Group.


The group's members on show exhibition also features:

Judy Stokes, photographer from Muriwai. "You never know when ‘the' moments are going to arrive – but when they do it makes photography an exciting art form and life an absolute pleasure to be living."

Dr Chris Piper, photographer and veterinarian. He uses his keen observation of animal behaviour to capture the extraordinary beauty, diversity and symmetry of nature through his images.

Sue Matusich, photographer of Taupaki. She has a passionate interest in all visual media with photography giving the most satisfaction and the truest record of how she sees the beauty in life.

Linda Brett, artist and photographer of Te Atatu Peninsula. She loves bright colours and interesting shapes, patterns and textures. She also enjoys working with pastels and paint, as well as exploring impressionist photography and capturing everyday things in unusual ways.

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