Water works nearly done

16:00, Feb 26 2014

Work on extending Watercare's water supply to Kumeu, Huapai and Riverhead is about to pass another milestone.

Watercare senior engineer Stephen Grace says commissioning at the end of March marks the handover from the construction team to the operations team.

"We push water through the main and local networks to simulate the conditions under which the system will have to operate," Mr Grace says.

"That ensures any leaks or other issues are identified and repaired before we go live."

Mr Grace says nor-west residents may notice pumps and powerboxes "mushrooming" around the district.

They are in preparation for the commissioning process, which is expected to take four months.

"The pumps help us simulate the expected flows the system will have to handle, and mean we can be sure everything works as intended."

Mr Grace says the pumps will remain in place until there is enough demand to ensure the system operates efficiently without extra assistance.


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