Humble heroes sought

16:00, Mar 12 2014
Humbel Heroes Sought
REVIVERS: Westgate Medical Centre staff Amanda Hughes, Angela Pringle, Emma Faircloth and Dr Isabelle Duck with the defibrillator that helped save a man’s life.

A group of unknown heroes saved the life of a man suffering a heart attack at Westgate Shopping Centre.

A young Polynesian woman put the man in the recovery position and began CPR when he collapsed outside Westgate Optometrists on Friday afternoon.

Around six bystanders and medical centre staff assisted and at least one health professional says the victim, believed to be in his late 60s, may not have lived without their help.

"He was not a good colour," Westgate Medical Centre nurse manager Angela Pringle says.

"The chances of surviving something like that in the community are really minimal."

It took five minutes of teamwork led by medical centre doctor Isabelle Duck to revive the man just before the St John Ambulance arrived at the scene.


"It was awesome the way everybody pulled together as a community to help a stranger in need," Mrs Pringle says.

"His daughter rang later to say he was OK but the hospital couldn't believe that he survived."

Nurses want to know the name of the humble woman who was first to give emergency treatment when the man collapsed at about 3pm.

"It was amazing that she even thought to do that because people tend to panic," Mrs Pringle says.

More help arrived after a male worker from Noel Leeming ran to the medical centre in Fernhill Drive to raise the alarm.

Dr Duck and nurses shocked the patient with a defibrillator before continuing CPR.

The worker sprinted back to the Massey centre to grab a device used to pump oxygen through a face mask.

"Before that Dr Duck was doing mouth to mouth," Mrs Pringle says.

A male cyclist helped with CPR while another man held the patient's head back to keep his airway clear.

Meanwhile a female passerby wearing hospital scrubs also stopped to offer her help.

Westgate Centre manager Kim Dawson thanks everyone for their amazing response.

"As a result this gentleman lives to tell the tale," she says.

"All too often these days we hear of folk looking the other way for fear of getting involved."

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