Loveable Peanut takes flight

16:00, Apr 02 2014
SURPISE: Peanut’s sociable personality means he sometimes flies on to people’s shoulders to greet them.

Peanut the cockatiel has gone AWOL from his usual patch in Parakai, where he flies free.

The people-friendly bird is named after the Charlie Brown character and has a fetish for feet and socks, along with the colour blue.

He is an occasional visitor to Parakai airfield where has his own flight number and often zips to neighbours for meals or even a sleep in a sun room.

Although he hops into cars, Peanut knows his flying limits and won't go beyond the neighbourhood.

Owners Angelika Carson-Voss and Ian Voss say he's been missing since March 20, and despite attempts for information, including a sign outside their house, there's been no luck.

"Everyone around here is looking for him. If he was somewhere local he would have been spotted. We hope nobody's caging him," Carson-Voss says.

The 12-year-old cockatiel last went missing in 2012 when the Nor-west News helped track him down - he was found by new neighbours after his four-day stint. Since then, Peanut has lost his sight in his left eye, but has managed to take up motorbike riding.

The couple say it's better to know what has happened to the beloved pet, than worry.

"But he usually has more lives then a cat," Carson-Voss says.


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