Burglars hit single street

16:00, Apr 02 2014

Police are appealing to the public for help after two burglaries in Taupaki Rd within a fortnight.

Nor-west residents are urged to record the serial numbers of valuables so they can be identified after a burglary.

"Watch out for your neighbours and call 111 immediately if you see a crime or a car that looks out of place," Sergeant Dave Orr of Kumeu police says.

The head of Kumeu police station advises residents to enter serial numbers on the snap website.

Users choose a password to protect their information.

When police recover stolen property, serial numbers are crucial to find the rightful owners.


Scaffolding was swiped overnight from a construction site in Taupaki Rd a fortnight ago.

A house on Taupaki Rd was burgled on Monday about 1.30pm.

A witness saw a black Mitsubishi vehicle parked in the victim's driveway.

Several electrical items were taken including PS3s, electronic games and televisions.

A front ranchslider was smashed to gain entry.

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