Tourist victims of theft revisit favourite spots

16:00, Apr 02 2014
Roger and Daniela Christinger
THEFT VICTIMS: Roger and Daniela Christinger with their campervan after it was stripped by thieves.

Swiss tourists visiting Muriwai Beach lost all their holiday photographs when their campervan was plundered.

Roger and Daniela Christinger had to postpone their flight home after their passports were stolen along with mobile phones, a laptop and a wallet.

The pair have since been revisiting some of their favourite tourist spots to replace the missing photographs. They walked the Tongariro crossing again last week.

The Christinger's campervan was targeted on March 21 between 12.30pm and 2.45pm.

Nor-west community patrollers Clyde and Helen Mitchell gave the distraught couple a phone to use.

"They even offered that we stay in their garden with our damaged van and use their computer to sort everything out," Daniela Christinger says.

"Although it was a hassle, everybody was so friendly and helpful.

"Now we try to enjoy our unexpected longer stay in Aotearoa and make the best out of it."

The tourists are flying home on Saturday.


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