Burglaries top crime figures

Breaking and entering, burglary and theft remain the hardest crimes to solve in Waitemata, figures show.

Although the number of recorded robberies dropped 7 per cent last year, breaking and entering with the intent to cause burglary was the least solved crime with just a 13 per cent success rate.

The statistics are from the Police National Intelligence Application which measured crime in 2013 against the year before.

It showed crime in Waitakere dropped 2 per cent with 272 fewer recorded crimes down to 16,067.

Figures measuring the wider Waitemata area showed assault offences dropped the most with 387 fewer than the year before.

This was followed by drugs offences which dropped 10 per cent.

Acting Waitemata district commander Inspector Steve Kehoe says the figures are a testament to their staff.

"These are not just numbers, they're people," he says.

"Each number here equates to a victim of crime, and so the fact that crime is further reduced compared with last year, is a real testament to the good work of our staff," Kehoe says.

However, some offences increased, including sexual assaults which rose 32 per cent as did the number of murders, from one in 2012 to six last year.

The number of resolved crimes was also recorded which measures offences where police caught the offender and decided on a course of action.

Drug offences were among the highest resolved in Waitemata with a success rate of 94 per cent.

The number of sexual assaults solved rose to 63 per cent compared to 57 per cent in 2012.

Overall nationwide statistics show crime was reduced by 4 per cent despite the population increasing. This is the lowest it's been in 29 years which deputy commissioner Mike Bush says is a result of deploying staff more efficiently and proactively.


Waitemata crime statistics: Theft and related offences: 12,076.

Unlawful entry with intent to burgle: 4126.

Acts intended to cause injury: 3134.

Drug offences: 1583.

Fraud and deception: 929.

Sexual assaults: 351.

Homicide: 6. 

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