Police exasperated

17:00, Apr 30 2014

Reckless drivers are flouting the law in Kumeu only days after two fatal crashes in the district.

A mobile speed camera issued 1129 speeding tickets within six days between Easter and Anzac Day.

The speedsters were clocked exceeding a 64kmh holiday speed tolerance. The highest speed marked was 110kmh in Huapai.

"It is quite disappointing that within a week of two people dying in our area people are still speeding through Kumeu," Kumeu station head Sergeant Dave Orr says.

"They're still not wearing their seatbelts."

Alofa Afaese, 40, died on the Thursday evening before Easter in a four-vehicle crash on State Highway 16 in Kumeu.


The Helensville woman was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the car. Several others were seriously injured and taken to hospital, one in a critical condition.

Lysette Michelle Brown, 27, of Whenuapai, was killed after her car and a truck collided on the Coatesville-Riverhead Highway on April 21.

Motorists in Kumeu are also under fire for failing to wear seatbelts, driving drunk and not paying attention. Officers have spotted 10 people not wearing seatbelts in five days.

At least two drunk drivers were nabbed last weekend.

One male motorist fell asleep and crashed into a power pole on Old North Rd last week. He was lucky to escape injury.

Orr was directing traffic when he saw two nose-to-tail accidents on State Highway 16 near Taupaki.

Both crashes were on the same stretch of highway and travelling in opposite directions.

"They were just not paying attention," he says.

The high number of driving offences is disappointing for police.

"Drivers need to wake up and realise what's going on," Orr says. "Within a week people have forgotten everything and they're just speeding through their village."

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