Gnomes, flamingos disappear from estate

17:00, Jul 17 2014
Gnome Hill
GNOME'S HOME: One resident took the opportunity to photoshop the name on the sign, dubbing it Gnome Hill Estate instead. The gnomes have been spotted sitting on the sign.

It was the start of an exciting journey which came to an abrupt and rather perplexing end.

A party of gnomes decided to make the quiet streets of Grace Hill Estate in Dairy Flat their new home unexpectedly one night in June.

The large family of around 20 gnomes, all shapes and sizes, spent their evenings wandering around the estate.

Crossing sign for gnomes
SAFETY FIRST: Residents also made a sign for the gnomes so they could cross the road safely in their new home.

Unfortunately every single one, along with a flock of 12 pink flamingos, has now disappeared and all are assumed kidnapped.

The gnomes are owned by a couple of residents, who wish to remain anonymous, who started the "bit of fun". But other residents got in on the game and moved the gnomes to different spots overnight.

The gnomes have been seen in gardens, on top of the welcoming sign, under letterboxes and next to houses.

But since they their last placement, walking across a road, they have disappeared.

The missing gnomes haven't been reported to police but the owners are wanting them back.


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