'The year of the menagerie’

16:00, Nov 01 2012

The New Zealand Sculpture OnShore exhibition is set to captivate visitors with a playful and whimsical 'menagerie' of creatures on show from 8-18 November at Fort Takapuna in Auckland.

This year's sculptures involve all manner of creatures large and small; from a life-sized elephant to a cloud of microscopic virus particles.

Exhibition curator Rob Garrett says, "This year's fanciful collection of creatures suits the easy-going nature of the site and the sense of ease and well-being that pervades the North Shore."

"Each year the delightful creativity of artists imposes an unexpected or at least unplanned flavour on this biennial exhibition. No curatorial theme is given to the artists and no creative limitations are set."

Offering something for everyone, the 2012 exhibition presents a diverse snapshot of current New Zealand art practice, with a variety of forms and themes, alongside the charming menagerie.

Proudly supporting New Zealand Women's Refuge, NZ Sculpture OnShore has a dual aim to present the best contemporary art the country has to offer and support the needs of New Zealand's women and children seeking refuge from harm.


110 artists from all over the country have been selected to exhibit works on the basis of their own interests and ideas. Dozens have devised new creative projects that respond to and reflect the many human stories associated with the cliff-top heritage park.

This year's showcase is focused on making art fun and accessible to all ages, and a comprehensive education programme will run throughout the exhibition, with many local schools already lining up to take part.

All works are available for purchase, and all proceeds will be donated in support of New Zealand Women's Refuge.

Tickets for NZ Sculpture OnShore are available through www.eventfinder.co.nz.