Police encourage residents to label their power tools

Engraving tools, using spray paint and synthetic DNA: there are options to protect your power tools.

Engraving tools, using spray paint and synthetic DNA: there are options to protect your power tools.

They're useful, valuable and easy to steal. 

Power tool theft is becoming more common, and Massey Police are running a free engraving event to help owners identify tools in the case they are taken.

Massey Police Sergeant Aron McKeown says when police find power tools at sites, they like to be able to give them back to their original owners but often can't. 

"We've got a pile we can't return to their owners because they haven't been properly recorded," he says. 

To combat the issue, Massey Police have organised the first event of its kind in the region - a free engraving service so owners can make their tools clearly identifiable. 

McKeown says whether it's using a name, birth date or address - anything helps. 

There will also be spray paint on site at the event to help make the identifiers more obvious.

With all the construction work scheduled for the Upper Harbour area, McKeown says it's timely to be holding the event at Hobsonville Point, which will have 4500 new homes once the area is complete.

He also points out all tools have unique serial numbers, which need to be recorded in case of loss or theft. 

Free online asset lists can be compiled and stored at Snap.org.nz, an online platform known as Serial Number Action Partnership or SNAP, which is an initiative of the New Zealand Police.

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Another measure is synthetic DNA to label items. 

He recommends buyers purchase their tools from a reputable source and to contact police if they suspect the seller may be advertising stolen items they are trying to on sell. 

Neighbourhood Support will also be on hand at the event to offer assistance with tamper-proof screws to keep number plates safe.

The tool engraving is at Hobsonville Point Water Park, Onekiritea Rd on March 16 and 23 from 2pm-7pm.

 - North Harbour News

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