St Luke's return answers prayers

16:00, Jan 30 2014
Statue returned
HOME AGAIN: Orewa community Constable Antony Searle returns the statue of St Luke to its rightful place, with St John Catholic Church parishoner Anita Malcon, middle, and secretary Theresa Fouche welcoming Luke back.

Luke is back but Mary is still missing.

A statue of St Luke stolen from St John Catholic Church a fortnight ago has been returned.

It's also a year since a statue of Mary Magdalene was stolen from the same church.

Mary is still missing from her perch in the memorial gardens on Centreway Rd in Orewa.

She was taken some time within the weekend of January 24-27 last year.

Luke was found on Tuesday night.


Police recovered the statue of St Luke at 10.30pm from a Centreway Rd footpath.

It hadn't been reported missing but police thought it looked similar to the church's other missing statue and called them.

"Luke got knocked around a bit. The bull standing next to him has a bit of a broken ear, but he is found," Orewa Community Constable Antony Searle says.

The statue was donated to the church in 2009 by parishioner Anita Malcon.

"It was an empty spot without him in the gardens, a blank space," she says.

"My heart was sad. But it's amazing to have him back, we never expected it."

Police are still looking for Mary.

"She is taller than Luke, around a metre high, and made of white plaster concrete," Mr Searle says.


If you know where the statue of Mary is contact Antony Searle at Orewa police on 09 426 4555, or Crimestoppers anonymously, 0800 555 111.

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