Cat shot twice with slug gun

17:00, May 05 2014
Tom Wyles and mum Annika Holmqvist
SLOW RECOVERY: Tom Wyles and mum Annika Holmqvist with Hossman the cat who was shot with a slug gun near his Forrest Hill home.

Horrified cat owner Tom Wyles plans to move house after his cat was shot twice with a slug gun.

The Auckland resident says Hossman the cat ran inside his Bond Cres house in the North Shore suburb of Forrest Hill "howling" and "going crazy" after being shot in the leg and side.

Wyles' mother Annika Holmqvist is a vet nurse and treated Hossman about 20 minutes away at the Whangaparaoa clinic where she works.

Hossman’s broken leg
CLEAN BREAK: An x-ray shows Hossman’s broken leg.

The cat needed two hours of surgery to mend a broken leg and still has one of the slugs lodged in his side.

Holmqvist says to shoot someone's pet is a terrible thing to do.

"Someone is having a bit of fun at the push of a button basically and not thinking about the consequences for anyone. What fun is that, to hurt an animal? Really, you've got no respect for a life?"


HURT: Hossman went through two hours of surgery and has a second bullet still lodged in his side.

Animal advocacy group Paw Justice offered to pay most of the bill, which was almost $2000.

Hossman may have been put down without the organisation's help.

Wyles, his girlfriend and two flatmates, have put a curfew on their five cats until they can find a new place to live.

"I don't trust this neighbourhood anymore," he says.

Senior Sergeant Scott Cunningham, acting youth and communities prevention manager, says shooting a firearm in a residential area is dangerous and illegal.

"You just don't know who's around. That sort of behaviour, the shooting of a domestic cat, is completely unacceptable."

Cunningham says if someone else's pet is being a pest, people should do the "neighbourly thing" and talk about to them about it or call the SPCA for advice.

"If your neighbour's cat is coming on to your property and fighting with your cat, you can't take matters into your own hands."

He says there are also a number of possible offences around the ill-treatment of animals.

The cat was attacked about 9.30pm on April 14.

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