Trout release lures a crowd to Lake Pupuke

17:00, May 07 2014
Adam Daniel
NEW RESIDENTS: Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game fisheries manager Adam Daniel helps ease the fish into their new home at Lake Pupuke.

Fishers in Auckland have a newly stocked lake at their fingertips after the relocation of 1000 trout from Rotorua.

Lake Pupuke on the North Shore is a popular attraction and home to an annual fishing contest that draws entries from across the broader region and beyond.

But its murky depths are not conducive with good breeding conditions and new stocks are periodically trucked in.

Fish and game
ALL SMILES: Happy Trout truck driver Fish & Game officer Lloyd Gledhill hands the fish over to Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game fisheries manager Adam Daniel to release into their new home.

There to witness the latest relocation was Rosa O'Sullivan who brought her 6-year-old twin grandsons along to see the trout introduced to their new home.

"'It is really interesting to watch and it is not something you get to see every day."

Onlookers watched as the fish were first netted out of a truck by hand and piped into the lake through a hose.


Twins Felix and Oscar O’Sullivan
HOLIDAY FUN: from left: Twins Felix and Oscar O’Sullivan, six, enjoyed the show and a picnic with their nana Rosa O’Sullivan.

Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game fisheries manager Adam Daniel says the fish have to be reintroduced to the lake every year to keep the numbers up.

"It is not a problem because we are able to breed and spawn more than enough trout in the hatchery to provide for many of the lakes in the country," he says.

More than 100,000 fish a year are raised at Fish & Game's Ngongotaha hatchery and transported to various lakes.

Lake Pupuke has been stocked with fish from elsewhere since the 1880s.

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