Hurstmere Green wins place in sun

02:00, May 15 2014
Hurstmere Green
AWARD COLLECTOR: The NZIA award tops-off a haul of prizes Hurstmere Green has won since it reopened in 2012.

A quiet oasis amid the hustle and bustle of city life has been nationally recognised.

Hurstmere Green, a park in the heart of Takapuna's CBD has won the Planning and Urban Design Award from the New Zealand Institute of Architects.

The green had $2.7 million spent on it by Auckland Council.

After a long renovation, the revitalised public space became an immediate hit with the public when it re-opened in December 2012.

Catherine Edmeades, Auckland Council's project leader for city transformation projects, says use of Hurstmere Green has increased 15-fold since its revamp.

Aaron Sills, the designer of the green and co-director of architect firm Sills van Bohemen, says it's great to win the award.


"We're very pleased with it. It gets a lot of use. Public projects are great when you get to see a lot of people using it," he says.

The green features terraced, north-facing sun-lounger seating. skate boarder friendly contours and a petanque surface.

Sills was determined to design the park so skateboarders could use it as well.

"Skateboarders are people too," he says.

The park has stood up well to public use including skateboarders, with only some minor changes needed, Sills says.

The judges described the park as a "sophisticated and sensitive project which exhibits a delight in craft, a command of materials and a mastery of detail".

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