Firefighters search burning house

04:18, May 14 2014
Mairangi fire
DOUSING FLAMES: Fire crew work at the scene of a burning house on Auckland's North Shore.

Two residents of a burning house in Auckland resisted the urge to go inside to rescue their cat and dog.

Firefighters are praising the actions of the Mairangi Bay, residents.

The two-storey house was well-ablaze when firefighters arrived at 2.45pm.

The fire started in the basement and spread upstairs.

Mairangi fire
BLAZE: A burning house on Auckland's North Shore is attended to by fire crew.

East Coast Bays senior station officer Steve Sosich said the occupants saw smoke outside the window and went outside to investigate.

"They did all the right things - got outside and stayed outside," he said.

"They were concerned about the animals but didn't go back inside to get them which is fantastic."

The cat and dog found their own way out which is what usually happened, he said.

Four fire engines and 16 firefighters fought the blaze which took about 20 minutes to control.

Sosich said there was is moderate smoke and fire damage upstairs, but downstairs was "a complete write-off".

Smoke alarms were installed upstairs but there did not appear to be any downstairs, he said.

"They should have had a smoke alarm downstairs because there was a laundry."

The cause of the fire is unknown. 


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