Car takes out transformer

01:58, May 29 2014
Car accident, Transformer
TAKEN OUT: A car ploughed over a transformer and into another car at the Harvey Norman car park in Wairau.

A car has ''demolished'' a transformer and written off another vehicle in a busy car park on Auckland's North Shore.

Police and firefighters were called to the Harvey Norman car park on Croftfield Lane in Wairau at about noon.

Takapuna fire senior station officer Steve Sosich said an out of control car demolished the transformer.

''It's basically gone straight over the top of it.''

Police said two cars were reversing out of parking spaces without seeing each other and their bumpers made contact.

One of the drivers got a fright and accelerated over the transformer and smashed into a blue four-wheel-drive as it drove by, Constable Matt Vujcich said.


''He stomped on the accelerator and has taken out the transformer and collected the blue car on the way through.''

Vujcich said it is quite common for elderly drivers to hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

Harvey Norman worker Seamus Casey saw the crash and said ''it all went crazy''.

Vujcich said it could have been worse because the car park is next to a stormwater pond.

''It's lucky he stopped because he would have gone straight into the water.''

Both the driver's car and the 4WD were written off but no-one was injured.