Off to Hawaii to play a ukulele

21:07, Jun 16 2014
Avon Hansen-Beadle and Brenda Jones
ALOHA: Avon Hansen-Beadle and Brenda Jones are among Ukulele Union members heading to Hawaii.

Avon Hansen-Beadle's passion for the ukulele is taking her to an international festival in Haiwaii.

She is the founder of North Shore based the Ukulele Union which will be representing New Zealand at the 44th International Ukulele Festival in Hawaii on July 20.

"We have only been doing this for two years and we've just become better and better," Hansen

Beadle says.

"Now we are going to Hawaii to perform with some of the best ukulele acts from around the world. It's really amazing."

She heard about the festival while organising New Zealand's third Ukulele Convention.


"We started talking about it and rounded up a group that were keen to go, then one thing lead to another and here we are," she says.

The union is comprised of two groups, the Shorecooleles which meet once a week in Campbells Bay and the Hibiscus Ukes which meet in Orewa.

She started the groups after her work as a music development teacher came to an end in 2011.

The popularity of the classes has astonished her.

A short while after starting the first group in Campbells Bay she was asked to start the second in Orewa.

The union now has around 60 regular members and Hansen-Beadle holds a weekly class in each area.

At $10 per person to attend both classes she barely covers the venue hireage.

"It's not about the money for me. I do this to share my love for music with people. If I don't have a tune in my head I'm not happy."

■ Call Avon on 476 6361 or 021 421 109 to learn more about the classes.

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