Time for a well deserved rest

17:00, Jun 18 2014
Marjorie Nicols
TIME OUT: Marjorie Nicols is taking a well deserved rest after volunteering since 1979 at the St Andrews Opportunity Shop.

Veteran volunteer Marjorie Nicols is calling time on an incredible 35 years of service in a hospice op shop just days before her 98th birthday.

Marjorie began volunteering at the St Andrews Opportunity Shop in Birkenhead on Auckland's North Shore in 1979 and never thought she'd still be doing it all these years later.

Fellow volunteer Beth Yarnton says Marjorie is an inspiration.

"I'm 84 but it makes me feel like I have to keep going because she's 97."

Marjorie, who was widowed at 58, started volunteering at the shop after moving to Auckland from Dargaville to be closer to her family.

"I was a member of St Andrews church so thought I could volunteer as a way to fill my days," she says.


She is now pondering what to do with her spare time.

"The first thing I'm going to do is go home and have a lie down."

Her last day at the op shop was June 11, just before her birthday on June 24.

Marjorie loves her independence and still lives in her own home often cooking dinner for her grandchildren and great grandchildren when they visit.

"It is important to me to keep doing stuff," she says.

"I would hate to be dependent and have someone looking after me." 

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