Nasty nappies cause collection stink

17:00, Jul 07 2014

Mum Shona Batty is playing nappy roulette.

Leaving her nappy-stuffed rubbish bags by the back doorstep stinks out the house, but putting them on the kerbside creates a "smelly obstacle course", she says.

Batty and the residents of Milford's Corunna St are part of Auckland Council's food waste collection trial.

The trial, which runs until August 31, halves inorganic rubbish pickups to once every two weeks.

Solid Waste operations manager Warwick Jaine says fortnightly collections have been proposed as a "key element" of new services on trial, which include organic waste bins. Unlike inorganic rubbish, organic waste is collected weekly.

The trial has collected about 24 tonnes of food waste since it began, Jaine says.


"Significantly fewer bags are going to landfill as people separate their waste."

But council hasn't thought through just how pungent inorganic materials like used nappies and pet waste can be, Batty says.

"I fully endorse recycling, I just don't agree with the two-week rubbish pickup."

A buildup of up to two weeks' worth of orange rubbish bags is "stinking-out" the neighbourhood and attracting pests, she says.

She worries that her section, which backs on to a creek, will turn into a rodent rat-run.

"Can you imagine if the whole of the North Shore, or Auckland was like this?"

But early surveys show a 92 per cent level of satisfaction among trial participants, Jaine says.

Solid Waste Management staff patrol the area putting stickers on bags put out on the "wrong week".

"We are also monitoring streets every day to ensure we minimise animal strike," he says.

Many of her neighbours are dumping the council's orange rubbish bags and buying yellow bags offered by a weekly private collection service, Batty says.

Call Auckland Council on 301 0101 for more information on the trial.

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