Apology after water cut off

20:04, Jul 15 2009

When the water was turned off for repairs at the wrong time it left an elderly women in the cold.

Browns Bay residents received a notice that the Woodlands Cres water supply would be turned off on Saturday, July 4.

But resident Tricia Cheel was angry when the water was turned off two days early.

She says her 88-year-old mother, who is in a wheelchair, had been up early on a cold morning and had a nurse coming to give her a hot shower.

North Shore City Council water supplies operations manager Shi-See Tan says the contractors made a mistake and put the wrong date on the notice.

Ms Cheel was grateful the council sent her mother a basket of goodies to apologise.

Ms Tan says they usually do not do weekend repairs and turned the water off on the Thursday.

Ms Cheel asked Actionline if the water could be put back on and they said no because of emergency repairs.

But Ms Tan says it was a planned repair, and apologised for Actionline’s response.


North Shore Times