School notices are high-tech

17:00, Sep 14 2009
Shane Geddes
KEEN DEVELOPER: Shane Geddes, 16, from Albany Senior High School has programmed a digital sign system for the school.

Shane Geddes has found a new way to keep his classmates up to date with what is happening at Albany Senior High School.

The year 11 student decided to build a digital sign system for the school as part of his impact project.

Every Wednesday all students work in an area they’re keen on with teachers and mentors supervising.

Shane has an interest in software development and used an open source software called Linux to create the system.

He did most of it himself but had some help from software developers for the tricky parts.

Deputy principal Mark Osborne says Shane saved the school a lot of money by using open source software.


"The whole school uses Linux. It is a little-known software system, it doesn’t cost anything and is community based," says Mr Osborne.

Three screens in the school allow teachers to put digital notices up to inform staff and students of events.

Mr Osborne says they hope to eventually have screens in all the student common areas.

Shane’s next big idea is to create a digital directory system for reception so people can find staff easily within the school.

The school would also like to be able to offer other schools in the area a digital signage system for little or no cost.

"Open source software is great for schools, it means everyone has access to it and Shane was able to develop his skills at home," says Mr Osborne.

The school is also keen to hear from volunteers who can mentor one of the students during the impact project, from photography to software development.

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