Local students and council join to save eels

18:00, Jun 07 2010

The discovery of dismembered eels across the North Shore has the council and local students concerned.

The council has received numerous reports from people who have come across grisly scenes at stream sites where they regularly feed and watch eels.

Council Wai Care facilitator Megan Beard says any living creature deserves respect and it's awful that they were dismembered.

Eels are a familiar sight in streams around the Shore and are one of the most recognisable native freshwater fish.

"Although many New Zealanders have seen eels, many wouldn't know they have travelled hundreds of kilometres out to sea to breed," she says.

The council has put up signs in areas where dead eels have been found and they plan on having a native freshwater fish expert raise awareness in some schools.

Albany Senior High students Ross McWilliams and Brendon Finlay have joined forces with the council to help protect the creatures. They have been monitoring the stream next to their school as part of their Impact Project study which is being assisted by North Shore City Council's Wai Care programme.

Ross and Brendon say it's important eels are protected because they are decreasing rapidly in number.


North Shore Times