Yellow lines mystery

19:44, Jan 12 2011
Yellow lines
NO PARKING: Frieston Rd resident Derek Barratt-Boyes is one of many people who want to see a new no-parking zone removed from their street.

MYSTERIOUS yellow no-parking lines have been popping up in Milford literally overnight.

A petition is circulating opposing the no parking lines outside a house at the end of Frieston Rd.

The street in the heart of Milford already has limited parking with one side being a permanent no-parking zone.

Residents with properties near the end of the street have signed a petition opposing the new no-parking lines that have caused the loss of two carparks.

Petition organiser Derek Barratt-Boyes says there is already very limited parking on the street and it makes it difficult for visitors to find parking.

The sudden appearance of road markings isn't a new phenomenon on the Shore.


Two years ago, former All Black Gary Whetton, who lives on Minnehaha Ave, complained to the North Shore City Council about no-parking lines that appeared across from his property.

Takapuna-Devonport Local Board deputy chairman member Kevin Schwass says the council found no record as to why the lines had been put there and they were removed.

Mr Barratt-Boyes says the new road markings on Frieston Rd were considered by the former North Shore City Council but as far as he knows no decision was made.

Takapuna-Devonport Local Board member Mike Cohen says there must be some record of the decision unless someone had bought "some yellow paint and painted it out in the middle of the night".

The board will investigate.

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