Get fit quick guy says it isn't easy

19:53, Feb 06 2012
Jamie Milne
OUT OF THE BOX: Fitness trainer Jamie Milne promises to drastically reduce the time it takes to train for a long distance running event with a 12-week programme.

Give unconventional fitness trainer Jamie Milne just 12 weeks of your time and he will get you across the line in an ultra-marathon.

Using Milne's training methods you will run no further than 20km a week but you will be intensively lifting weights – and it won't be easy.

"We aim to take you from meat sack to machine," Milne, who is a trainer with Kiwi Conditioning says.

Lisa Tamati
AMBASSADOR: Ultra-long distance runner Lisa Tamati in the Gobi Desert after training with Jamie Milne and his different techniques.

Such bold claims have encountered a few skeptics and sideways glances but the Birkenhead resident says there is plenty of proof that the practices detailed in a new e-book work.

Milne coached New Zealand ultra-long distance runner Lisa Tamati for her run through the Gobi Desert in 2010 and has also got "non-runners" like actor Ido Drent, golfers Guy Wilson and Craig Dixon primed for the long-distance Many Miles for Mary charity events which included covering the 700km from Auckland to Wellington in six days.

"Expect to exceed your previously conceived expectations of running. For the traditional long distance runner minimise your training time by two thirds, for beginners a rapid development of athleticism without destroying all your spare time," Milne says.


"It's not for everybody, but it hasn't gone belly up for anybody."

Challenging traditional running ideals and introducing gruelling metabolic conditioning sessions, strength-based programmes and a back to basics diet has some people in the fitness industry calling him crazy and claiming getting results by training his way is not possible.

None of that fazes Milne, who has based his programme on the cross-fit strength and conditioning principles and the pose running method advocated by Dr Nicholas Romanov.

Running Milne says isn't taught as a skill and as a result there are some ineffective and "funky looking" running styles seen out on the streets.

That is something even he can't change in 12 weeks.

"It takes takes time to correct it but it is worth it because even a small change can make a huge difference."

Milne himself doesn't look like a typical marathon runner – that's because he's not.

He has a background in the Royal New Zealand Navy, as well as a promising amateur boxer and a sports psychologist.

Nowadays he is also an active ultra marathoner, with his next challenge being the Tarawera Ultra Marathon next month.

The 100km event has an elevation of is a 2776m and is a point to point run from Rotorua through to Kawerau mainly on forestry roads.

He also has plans to run from Cape Reinga to Bluff later this year in record-breaking time.

Milne takes a no-nonsense approach with his prose, saying he has balanced the science behind his recommendations with "telling it how it is". Not everyone who takes Milne's advice will have an ultra marathon in their sights, some instead will get a half marathon under their belt.

He says all he wants is for others to get the most from their running ability "and not have to sacrifice so much because it is a beautiful sport".

Milne is offering clinics that will that will explain his programme from running style, strength training and nutrition at Frenz Lodge in Birkenhead.

Visit www.kiwiconditioning. for more information.

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