Book the icing on the cake for bakery owner

20:23, Apr 12 2012
LIFE TASTES GOOD: Kim Evans is living her dream making people smile with her homemade treats.

Four years ago Kim Evans sold home-made fudge and pastries every Sunday morning at the Takapuna Markets.

Today she runs Little and Friday, one of Auckland's most popular daytime eateries, and has just released a wildly successful cookbook.

For years she dreamed of her own bakery and knew the perfect spot - an old butcher's shop in Belmont.

The single mum finally raised enough money to rent the kitchen and at first opened only on Fridays - hence the name.

"I never really planned or thought about any of this, everything just evolved.

"People just keep giving me opportunities and if a door opens you have to seize it," she says.


What began with customers lining up on Friday mornings for freshly baked brioches and espresso coffee has become two thriving cafes, the original in Belmont and her latest in Newmarket, that run seven days a week.

"Up until six months ago my daughter and I would do it all," Ms Evans says.

"I'd start the day at four in the morning and be here until 10 at night. The neighbours wondered if I ever went home."

Ms Evans now employs 25 staff and is able to step out of the kitchen to work on other ventures, like her phenomenally successful Treats from Little and Friday cookbook which she released last month.

"I couldn't have dreamed this in a million years. Most of the recipes were in my head and to put them down on paper was really difficult."

But the North Shore woman says sharing the recipes she's collected and perfected is like repaying the good karma she has received.

It seems Ms Evans was born to be a whiz in the kitchen.

Her mother was a home economics teacher and homebaking was seldom far away.

"There was never a packet in the house," Ms Evans says.

And this is the ethos that she's trying to spread, building a Little and Friday brand to promote home baking and real food.

"Our food is naughty. It's definitely not weight watchers but it's real," Ms Evans says.

"But I like to think that if you eat food with gratitude then you somehow won't put on weight.

"It's all about your attitude."

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