No on-ramp access annoys commuters

The continued closure of an on-ramp connecting central Auckland with the North Shore is upsetting motorists.

Last December the New Zealand Transport Agency said the Wellington St on-ramp would be closed until at least June despite being due to open last November.

Northbound drivers have to use the Curran St or Fanshawe St on-ramps to cross the harbour bridge.

The agency decided to defer a decision on the on-ramp's future until the Victoria St tunnel was opened, which happened in March.

Agency Auckland/Northland media manager Ewart Barnsley says NZTA and Auckland Transport will conduct a joint review on the future of the Wellington St on-ramp.

"Now that the Victoria Park tunnel is fully operational, the NZTA and Auckland Transport are in a better position to make a more accurate assessment of the impact the on-ramp has on traffic flows on the tunnel, the motorway network and on local streets," he says.

Mr Barnsley says an important part of the review will be consulting with communities around Wellington St.

The review is expected to be completed by the end of July.

North Shore ward councillor George Wood says he has not heard about the on-ramp's closure causing too much grief for commuters.

Mr Wood says NZTA is monitoring the situation and must think the Wellington St off-ramp is better off closed than open at the moment.

Chatswood builder Mike Rippon says the closure is a "big muck up" and the on-ramp should have been open months ago. Auckland Transport has been "twiddling their thumbs" over it for months, meanwhile there is so much congestion through Victoria Park, he says.

People on the other side of the bridge are feeling the pressure of the on-ramp closure.

President of the newly formed Herne Bay Residents Association and Curran St resident Carlie Eve says the effects of the closure are being widely felt in the inner-city suburb.

More travellers are now using the suburban street to access the motorway.

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