Hindsight is 20/20

17:00, Jul 19 2012
EYE EXAM: Glenfield woman Lyne Hewit, 69, has a digital retinal photograph taken of her eye after suffering a burst blood vessel.

A burst blood vessel left Lyne Hewit, 69, with blurry vision and a lasting lesson - seek treatment sooner rather than later.

The Glenfield woman spent almost a week with a subconjunctival haemorrhage in her eye before visiting an optometrist who sent her immediately for surgery.

Mrs Hewit says she woke up one morning with fuzzy vision to the point she could hardly see.

The haemorrhage appears as a bright red or dark patch on the white of the eye and because it is painless is usually only discovered when looking in the mirror.

Most are spontaneous and often have no obvious cause.

After failing to fix the problem with eye drops, Mrs Hewit was then sent for an emergency operation.


"I couldn't believe the seriousness of my condition. With hindsight I am kicking myself for persevering with drops for so long," she says.

Optometrist Priya Patel took a digital photograph of Mrs Hewit's retina at a Glenfield clinic and is now awaiting tests to determine her long term prognosis.

"I can't turn back the clock on my eyes now, but I can urge others to seek immediate help as soon as they notice a change in their vision," Mrs Hewit says.

Poor eye health can, in rare circumstances, be a precursor to other more severe health issues like brain tumours and even strokes, Ms Patel says.

"It can be a symptom of something more sinister and that's why people should treat anything out of the ordinary as a warning sign."

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