On a media mission

22:10, Jul 25 2012
AND, ACTION: These year 12 Albany Senior High students, from left: Queenie Jose, Jasmine Thornton and Eivonne Sampang are interviewing some of New Zealand’s most famous media personalities for their documentary about life behind the scenes.

"When you dream big, anything can happen," Albany Senior High student and aspiring media superstar Queenie Jose says.

Queenie and school friends Jasmine Thornton and Eivonne Sampang are on a mission to infiltrate the New Zealand media industry and make a documentary showing what goes on behind the scenes.

They have met some of the biggest names in the television and radio world, from Shortland Street stars to ZM DJs.

The year 12 girls hope their documentary will help those keen to make it in the industry and are working on it as part of their school impact project.

All Albany Senior High students are given the chance to create their own projects based on things they are passionate about.

"We're finding out everything that people might need to know if they wanted to make this their career," Jasmine says. "I've had such a good behind-the-scenes look and it just makes me want to get into the industry even more."


Their first interview was with TV One weatherman Sam Wallace who started his career on Sticky TV.

The girls say the loudest message coming through from those who have made it is you have to start out small to make it big.

"If you start out at the bottom and have the passion you'll make it," Queenie says.

"You have to say ‘yes' to every opportunity that comes along."

The three aim to interview 30 media personalities for their documentary and next on the list is presenter Jason Gunn.

Jasmine says that what started out as something small has turned into an amazing opportunity to get real experience.

"We never thought we'd manage to meet so many famous people, we are living the dream we always wanted."

Jasmine has scored work experience on Sticky TV and ZM and says if the finished documentary is up to scratch it may be played on The Erin Simpson show.

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