Cop that! It's anti-social networking

20:27, Aug 15 2012
NEW TOOL: Constable Andy Young uploads pictures of the North Shore’s most wanted on to Facebook.

People like to see pictures of criminals in action and it helps solve crime, North Shore area commander Inspector Les Paterson says.

"It makes it more motivating for people to get involved in helping to catch the offender."

North Shore police are building up a sizeable profile on their "most wanted" Facebook page.

Anonymous feedback has resulted in at least two arrests since the site was launched about a month ago.

Mr Paterson says most of the photos on the Facebook page are from security footage. Police soon hope to release their first video clips of offenders in action.

"Technology is the biggest godsend we've ever had in beating crime," he says.

There are a lot more CCTV cameras around, one of which was recently used to catch a handbag snatcher in Milford, he says.

Constable Andrew Young has been working on the Facebook page and says the site is gaining good traction.



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