Everyday hero goes to extremes

17:00, Aug 30 2012
HARD YARDS: James, William and Madeleine Malone helped mum Anna train for the 100km run she completed in 13 and a half hours.

Running 100 kilometres in one day is extreme but for a good cause Anna Malone said "bring it on".

"I thought I wanted to do something a bit extreme," the Hauraki resident says.

Mrs Malone competed in The Great Naseby Water Race in Central Otago, running 100km in 13 and a half hours.

"It just seemed an exciting thing to do," she said before leaving for the marathon.

It is not her first marathon though - she has completed a half Ironman and has swum to Rangitoto Island.

She also did the Oxfam 100km walk with a group but decided to go solo on this one.


Mrs Malone ran up to 80km a week in training, around Devonport, Takapuna, East Coast Bays and Lake Pupuke.

And even an injured hip muscle could not stop her. She cross-trained by aqua jogging at Takapuna and Glenfield pools.

But The Great Naseby challenge is not a fundraiser.

The psychologist decided to collect money for SHINE - which helps the victims of domestic abuse - of her own accord. So far she has raised about $1000.

"If you have the support people and share your goals . . . It's amazing what encouragement you get to achieve your goals," she says.

It was good for her kids to witness her determination, she says, so they could be inspired to help others in future.

Madeleine, 10, James, 14, and William, 9, helped motivate her.

"I know her heart is in it. She's gone through heaps and heaps of training already," James said before she flew out to Queenstown for the race.

Sponsors can donate to Mrs Malone's SHINE fundraiser until mid-September.

Visit everydayhero.

co.nz/anna-malone for more information.

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