Parents say no to religious education

17:00, Sep 17 2012

Torbay School has dropped religious education from its 2013 curriculum.

The school's board of trustees surveyed the 470 families enrolled in the school to find out whether to continue religious studies.

Only 29 per cent - 98 voters - wanted it to continue.

And 20 per cent voted to discontinue it.

Some 171 did not respond or vote in the survey which is conducted every two years by the board.

Torbay School principal Wendy Sandifer says 29 per cent was not enough to justify continuing the programme.


The board said in a statement: "In 2010 a decision was made by the BOT, after consultation with our parent community, to reduce the coverage of Christian religious education for 2011 and 2012 from the whole school to year 3 to 6 only and from 20 hours per year to 10 hours per year.

"The Torbay School Board of Trustees has made a decision based on parent feedback, volume of responses and other considerations that religious education will not continue in 2013.

"This decision has not been made in response to external pressures but is a decision made on what is the best for children's learning."

Ms Sandifer says during the previous survey a similar result was returned so the board changed the programme in response.

It is unlikely it will return, she says.

North Shore Times