Block pair 'switched on'

22:25, Sep 19 2012
MOTIVATED: Ben and Libby Crawford.

The building company behind The Block's Libby and Ben Crawford knew it was with the winners from the start.

Ray Sale of Haven Building Concepts says the brother and sister pair worked hard to make it happen.

"They were so organised and switched on and they obviously had gotten their hands dirty before," he says.

‘We also didn't have to deal with any of the bickering like with the couples."

It was a stroke of luck, Mr Sale says, to be chosen by Libby and Ben from a Google search of local builders.

But it was never going to be an easy job.


"There wasn't a minute to spare for any of the rooms," he says.

"We had tradesmen falling all over each other."

Mr Sale says for a complete renovation he'd usually quote four months, almost double the time they were given to transform the rundown Anzac St house.

During the first week they gauged that their biggest competition was going to be Ginny and Rhys who were also using a local building company.

But after they won the challenge for the lounge room decked out with a recycled rimu feature wall Mr Sale knew they were backing the winners.

The nerves still came out on auction night and Mr Sale says he and his team had the houses pegged at selling for over a million

"It was hard to gauge because you have to figure in the hype of the show.

"But for three-bedroom homes in a prime location like Takapuna, the other houses went for a steal," he says.

And now that it's all over Mr Sale doesn't know if he'd be rushing back on to a reality renovation show.

"We've been there and done that but I guess if we went back it would be to defend our title."

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