Mum and daughter scale heights

21:30, Sep 26 2012
UP THE MOUNTAIN: Mother-daughter duo Clare and Samantha Lindsay of Castor Bay scaled Mt Kilimanjaro together.

Climbing nearly 6000 metres up Africa's tallest mountain is no mean feat.

But mother-daughter duo Clare and Samantha Lindsay of Castor Bay conquered Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and came away with the experience of a lifetime.

It took months of training, carrying up to 7kg on their backs and simulating high altitudes however they could.

The journey took eight days total - six days up and two down for acclimatisation purposes.

Spending 24 hours of the day together in close proximity also proved challenging for the pair.

"So we hammered out the details of our relationship then and there," Mrs Lindsay laughs.


Temperatures up the mountain reached -10 degrees and windchill meant energy levels depleted quickly. Chewing candy and food kept them motivated during their hectic climbing schedule, they say.

The summit was "really, really cold" but the whole experience of the climb was the highlight, Mrs Lindsay says.

But making it to the top was not the only reward on the trip.

They first travelled north to Kenya to visit their Child Fund sponsor of 15 years Frances who is now 19 years old.

The Lindsay family's money helped Frances' family buy land and start a business.

They went to a party and were treated to ugali, which is made of corn and water, and is the staple diet in Kenya, Samantha says.

"It wasn't exactly flavourful but it wasn't nasty either," she says.

Seeing how they have made an impact thousands of kilometres away is something they will never forget.

"Mum, Dad and Frances sat us down and said to us what a difference, how life had been and what a difference our sponsorship had made.

"It was amazing," Mrs Lindsay says.

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