Branch punctures roof in wind

19:21, Oct 22 2012
heavy winds
THE AFTERMATH: Heavy winds forced a gum tree branch to pierce the roof of this Sunnynook house.

When howling winds brought a tree branch crashing into his living room, the tenant says it was like having a giant spear pierce the roof.

Sunnynook resident Adam Davies, 22, was feeding his fish around noon on October 13 when a gum tree branch punched through the corrugated iron roof, stopping just inches from where he had been standing.

"I heard a massive bang and I knew what it was.

"I ran straight away into the wash house - still holding the fish food in my hand," Mr Davies says.

Partner Moyra Macintosh, 22, was also home at the time and says the noise sounded like "thunder".

Albany Fire station officer Grant Mitcheson says the branch would have been about 30cm in diameter and with a jagged, pointy edge.


"If it could pierce through a corrugated iron roof, you hate to think what it could do to a person.

"I think the guy better go out and buy a lotto ticket," Mr Mitcheson says.

It was one of many weather related call-outs for fire fighters that day, but Mr Mitcheson says this was the worst his team came across.

Thankfully the damage is covered by insurance, Mr Davies says and a temporary patch is covering the hole for now.

The couple says their landlord has applied to the council to have the trees removed in the past, but has been rejected.

"As far as we know she is in the process of re-applying," she says.

"We knew it would happen sooner or later.

"Those trees sway all the time in the wind and we've had branches snap off before, but away from the house."

It is worrying to think it could happen again, she says.

On television news that night Mr Davies appeared on camera to describe his experience.

He says his mates are still giving him stick for his "colourful description".

"They're all giving me rubbish about it, I think it'll take awhile to live that one down."

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