Follow your dog's lead

STREET DOGS: Karla Brodie is fundraising and helping projects that help sick and hungry dogs in places like Nepal.
STREET DOGS: Karla Brodie is fundraising and helping projects that help sick and hungry dogs in places like Nepal.

Dogs will join their owners on a yoga marathon in Albany raising money for dogs suffering around the world.

Yoga for dogs sounds crazy but organiser Auckland yoga teacher Karla Brodie says man's best friend naturally goes into yoga poses.

In fact Ms Brodie says many yoga poses are named after dogs like upward dog, downward dog and upward facing puppy (also known as the sphinx).

Yoga mimics qualities that come naturally to animals like dogs that take them from alert and physical to completely relaxed, she says.

The event on Sunday will go through 108 sun salutations with dogs welcome to join in.

Sun salutations are a simple series of poses that include a downward dog - one of the most widely recognised and easiest of yoga poses.

Ms Brodie's fundraiser will help many charities including WSPA, South Pacific Animal Welfare, Street Dog Care in Nepal, Karuna House in Bhutan, Dharamasala Animal Rescue in India and Arunachala Sanctuary in India.

She regularly visits India and Nepal and has witnessed both the brutality that can take place at the hands of humans, as well as the protection humans can offer these dogs instead.

In Nepal Ms Brodie stepped in to help a vet feeding and giving medicine to up to 100 puppies a day.

Sick, homeless street dogs need practical help not just sympathy, she says.

She is also fundraising for a project in Bhutan that has created a sanctuary for street dogs and is bringing in overseas vets to assist.

Ms Brodie is keen to help people who want to travel overseas to assist with dog projects.

She says WSPA has proven in countries such as Bali and Sri Lanka that senseless killing of dogs does not abolish rabies, but the humane vaccination of dogs does.

WSPA runs its Collars not Cruelty campaign to promote this humane and effective approach to tackling rabies and encourage governments and communities to choose vaccinations over culling.

To attend you can register or turn up on Sunday from 2pm to 4pm at Kawai Purapura, 14 Mills Lane, Albany. Each participant will choose from a list of dog charities they want their entry fee of $20 per person or $50 per team will support.

To register email Karla on: or call 021 964 252.

Go to for information on the dog charities involved.

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